Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First day at Summit Camp!

We arrived at Summit Camp on June 3. It was a wonderful flight with excellent views of the ice sheet. Temperatures that evening dropped to about -15 F. It was cold. The first day was spent moving equipment to different locations in camp. There are about 50 people in camp this week and each research group is frantically trying to get their equipment up and operating.

First view of the ice sheet on our way to Summit.

This is Barry, Christina, and Chris (right to left) preparing for a cold deboarding ritual.

This is Marie stepping off the plane. Notice the skis used for landing the C-130 on snow.

Here I am just off the plane doing the poser shot and feeling the effects of the altitude(10,600 ft)!

This is the main house known as the "Big House." This is where everyone relaxes and eats. The food is amazing here!!!

Here is the greenhouse. Named because it is the color green. Notice the wind turbine in the background. The turbine produces about 6 kW of power. The camp typically runs at about 50-60kW when there are a lot of instruments and people in camp.


Garret Brummer said...

Cool pic of you by the US Air Force plane!

Have fun out there!

Best wishes,
Garret ;0)
PS: Go Spartans!

Janet said...

Please tell me you forked the money for a decent sleeping bag...

Great pictures. Stay warm!

William said...

It looks like you gained some pounds to help keep in the heat....jk...have a nice, safe trip and stay warm. Drink lots of liquor.



clements said...

Thanks Garret!

Janet, no...I am using my two sleeping bags. The first night I was super cold. I was using only my 0F bag, then I tried a liner(which I bought for the trip), then after another hour, I put my summer bag into my 0F bag...and that is the combination. I will survive.

Will...we brought a lot of beer. I hope it lasts!