Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fog Bows

While tethersonding the other night interesting "fog bows" formed. These are like rainbows, but have little color and are mostly white in appearance. Also called cloud bows these are a result of smaller droplet sizes. Here at Summit, this is fairly common, but yesterday was just spectacular.
See the photos below of satellite camp and the tethersonde.


Janet said...

Wow! That looks really cool! I'd stick my arm in it and wave around just cuz...

...ok, maybe that's just me, huh? Yeah, just me.

I see Nemo. :)

clements said...

You can stick your arm in it Janet, but it will be's cold everywhere, so it doesn't matter!

Thanks for following along.


Mike said...

These are really amazing posts and pics. What has the wind chill been there at it's worst? The vertical temperature profile is interesting...warming with that typical due to the ice sheet/snow? high up does the inversion go? I used to go up in the 624 m tower in Walnut Grove (about 90 min East of SJSU) to take vertical measurements so I know the feeling up there!

clements said...


Nice to hear from you. Thanks for following along. Yes, warming with hight is a function of the extreme stability here. Surprisingly, the surface is neutral in the day. It's quite interesting meteorologically. 624 m! Whoa! That would be great to instrument!