Monday, June 16, 2008

First Storm

For the last couple days we have been under some high winds which limited our ballooning. So, the days were spent inside the "big" house. It was nice to have a break and catch up on work. One interesting thing about the storm was that the winds maxed out at approximately 34 kts. But that was enough to blow snow around and block the tent doors! It took me about 10 minutes of kicking to get the snow off my tent door. Fun, I suppose. Photos below.

Here is 'tent city' during the storm. Winds are only about 25 kts here.

This is my snow loaded tent after I kick for 10 minutes to get out!

Life inside my tent.

A break in the clouds allows for a nice view of a sun pillar in the distance. Sun pillars are vertical shafts of light that extend upward or downward from the sun and form when sunlight reflects off of ice crystals in the atmosphere.

A better photo of the same sun pillar.


laura said...

"The Greenland Experiment"...'can a city House Mouse make it in this unforgiving climate?'

Janet said...

What a cozy little tent! How do you keep warm? It looks so cold...

Andy said...

how the hell do you wash ur clothes DC?

Tom L said...

The pics are outstanding.