Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Swiss Tower

Another platform we are using is the 50 m Swiss Tower. The tower is a guyed, lattice tower that you climb from the inside. We installed 10 fine-wire thermocouples on it from 0 m to the top at 50 m. The day was perfect...warm, sunny, and no wind! See the photos below. The photos were taken by Craig Beals and Chris Greenfield.

The Swiss tower and the UCLA DOAS shack.

Preparing for the install.

Installing the first thermocouple.

Climbing to the next level.

Another install.

Chris, the medic, making sure I don't fall...or if I do, being ready to do something.

The view down!

At the top and finished with the installation!

And some preliminary data!


Gerhard (Garret) Brummer said...

Better take care out there! You climbing that high Swiss Tower is making us nervous!

Janet said...

holy crap...

made me a bit queasy looking at the height of that thing.

clements said...

Thanks you two. It's super safe. Much safer than other towers I have climbed, plus it's swiss! Like a fine watch, but personally, I like USA steel towers. precision aluminum is not what I consider stout.