Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flying a Balloon named Nemo

One of the main platforms we are using here at Summit to measure boundary layer properties is the tethersonde. This balloon is attached to line on an electric winch which allows us to retrieve the balloon and the sensor package. The sensor measures the wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and pressure which gives us its altitude. The second night we flew the balloon the temperature was -29.4C (-20F)! This type of work requires warm clothes! See the photos below.

Craig C. and Craig B. preparing for the first test flight. photo by Katrine.

Craig Beals flying Nemo.


The sensor that attaches to the tether. Cups measure wind speed, the orange fins point the sonde in the wind's direction. The tip has a temperature and relative humidity probe. See how it is attached to the line.

Never tethersonde while drinking a cold beverage. It doesn't make you warm.

For the more technically inclined, here is a plot of the data from the tethersonde. Height is in meters above ground level (m AGL). Enjoy!

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Janet said...

that balloon is so cute. :)